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Assisted Stretching 

Improve Flexibility and Reduce Pain

Enhance your flexibility and overall well-being with our Assisted Stretch Therapy. Our therapy sessions are designed to increase flexibility, blood circulation, and range of motion while reducing pain and stiffness. Ideal for anyone looking to lower their risk of injuries, maintain or regain an active lifestyle, our specialized stretch therapy can also help athletes enhance their performance, and improve health and joint flexibility.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching

More Benefits 

Better Posture: Assisted stretching encourages proper alignment and balance. By targeting specific muscle groups, it can help correct imbalances and promote better posture.

Athletic Performance: Athletes often use assisted stretching to enhance their performance. It can improve muscle coordination, prevent injuries, and optimize movement patterns.

Mobile Stretch Therapists

644 E. Southern Ave. Suite # 202

Mesa, AZ  85204

(480) 652-6425


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