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About Me

Gabriel Augusto Pardo - Highly Accomplished Fitness Professional and Martial Arts Expert

Gabriel Augusto Pardo, a native of Bogota, Colombia, is a prominent figure in the world of fitness and martial arts. With a wealth of certifications, achievements, and a track record of delivering exceptional results, Gabriel has earned recognition as a top-tier personal trainer and martial arts instructor. His expertise, dedication, and commitment to his clients have solidified his reputation in the industry.  Education and Certifications: Gabriel's journey in the fitness field began with his College Certificate as a Fitness Instructor, which he earned with honors Cum Laude from Northern Virginia Community College in 1995. He holds certifications from prestigious organizations, including the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a certified Personal Trainer, and the American Institute of Fitness Educators (AIFE) as a certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Additionally, Gabriel has received specialized training in Stretch and Flexibility Fundamentals, Physiology of Flexibility, and Advanced Application of Assisted Stretching Techniques from The Stretch Institute and Stretch Coach.  Martial Arts Expertise: Gabriel's lifelong passion for martial arts started at a young age, with his training in Hatha Yoga beginning at just seven years old. He has since continued to practice and teach this discipline. At the age of five, Gabriel embarked on his martial arts journey and achieved his first black belt at the age of 15. He holds a Black Belt in Hap Ki Do from Escuela Chang de Artes Marciales, Kung Fu, and Hap Ki Do República de Colombia. Furthermore, Gabriel has earned a Black Belt in Combat Hap Ki Do from The International Combat Hap Ki Do Federation. He remains dedicated to ongoing training and studies in martial arts to enhance his skills and knowledge.   Professional Achievements and Experience: Gabriel's professional history showcases his exceptional skills and contributions to the fitness industry. He has worked as a personal trainer at the prestigious Watergate Health Club Facility, managed by the Sport and Health Corporation in Washington DC. Gabriel's unwavering commitment to his clients earned him a spot among the top 25 personal trainers within the Sport and Health Clubs, with clients ranging from local and national celebrities, supermodels, sports figures, medical professionals, and individuals from various walks of life, including housewives and senior citizens.  In addition to his personal training expertise, Gabriel Augusto Pardo has generously shared his knowledge and passion with communities. He has conducted free workshops on fitness and health, benefiting local communities, and has provided self-defense demonstrations to at-risk youth. Notably, Gabriel presented a highly acclaimed Fitness and Nutrition Workshop to the employees of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at the Department of Commerce, which was hailed as the "Best ever" by the NTIS Health Unit. The workshop received recognition in Commerce People Magazine's January/February 1997 issue. Conclusion: Gabriel Augusto Pardo stands out as a highly accomplished fitness professional and martial arts expert, with an extensive range of certifications, a history of delivering exceptional results, and a commitment to his clients' well-being. His expertise in personal training, martial arts, stretch therapy, and yoga make him a sought-after professional in the industry. Gabriel's dedication to his craft, continuous education, and community engagement have solidified his reputation as a leader in fitness and health promotion.

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